Rich Girl, Quiet Luxury and Old Money: What's the difference and how to get the TikTok adored aesthetics according to a celebrity stylist | HELLO! (2024)

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Rejoice those of you who are tired ofY2K style. While the current landscape of A-List and Influencer approved fashion (we’re looking at you Bella Hadid) has been dominated by fuzzy bucket hats, low rise jeans (yes really) and anything Mia Regan can get her hands on, now there is a new aesthetic in town and honey, it’s money.

A new sub-culture of ultra-luxe dressing has emerged and it has three main strands: Quiet Luxury, Old Money and Rich Girl. “‘Quiet Luxury’ is the most sustainable as you have chosen pieces that will last in your wardrobe forever. It’s a smart aesthetic, with classic cuts and designer labels that you will never get bored of,” explains stylist Georgie Gray, “For me as a stylist the ‘Rich Girl’ Buys her way into style, and with ‘Old Money’ what has become popular is mix matching vintage pieces like the Gen Z crowd.”

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For those of you who want to get the look we break it down in layman's terms for your sartorial pleasure:

What is Old Money style?

“Old Money is essentially the inherited wealth look,” explains Georgie, “It’s giving boarding school just came back from the country, no iron. All weekend attire popped into the Mulberry duffle bag, linen chinos, a cashmere jumper over a striped shirt. Think the classic preppy aesthetic.” Despite its polished roots ‘Old Money’ is still incredibly cool somehow. If you’re thinking old school Ralph Lauren campaigns and Sporty & Rich adoring influencers then you’re right on the money. According to TikTok dressing ‘Old Money’ means going for anything Princess Diana would have worn; think headbands, silk scarves and vintage gold clip ons (very Hailey Bieber right now) worn with a devilish look in your eye. If you lapped up F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby at school, then you will love the Old Money aesthetic.

What is Quiet Luxury style?

“Quiet Luxury is a new age minimalism style, and in terms of clothes they are investment pieces and forever staples that will last in your wardrobe,” says Georgie, “Think designers such as Loewe, The Row and Loro Piana.” Money talks, wealth whispers so no designer logos should at all be visible when you are trying to execute the Quiet Luxury look. A Quiet Luxury girl is more likely to reach for a discreet Celine Triomphe bag over anything garish or obviously designer (unlike our aforementioned Y2K girlies.) When Succession's Tom Wambsgans made fun of Cousin Greg’s date’s “ludicrously capacious” bag, he was pointed out how it was the opposite of ‘Quiet Luxury.’ Now you know. Bonus points if you arerocking a bob right now.


Want to look expensive? 💰 No, you don’t have to spend a lot. If you read the article that just came out from @dailymail on Succession’s style where I was the style expert on, you’d know that “Quiet Luxury” is a thing. These are the reasons why people like the characters of Succession always *look* rich. NOT because theyre flaunting designer logos. What do you think of “quiet luxury?” #quietluxury #successionstyle #styletips #fakeittillyoumakeit #lookexpensive

♬ Succession - Main Title Theme - Prayathna

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What is Rich Girl style?

When you think of ‘Rich Girl’ Georgie explains, “European, holidays in the south of France, jets over with a tea-cup Pomeranian in her bright orange Birkin. Always carrys more than one watch with her. Loves designers such as YSL, Gucci and Hermes. A quick change for dinner at L’Opera with her go-to mini Kelly and matching court shoes.” Rich Girl does exactly what it says on the tin, the aim is to look ultra luxe. If you look on Tumblr or Pinterest, the aesthetic is exemplified by glittering dresses, expensive timepieces and blow drys that could make a 90s supermodel jealous. The rich girl always has her hair done, she's more likely to define her eye-brows which are carefully threaded at a brow bar on a fortnightly basis rather than go for the Gen Z adored fluffy brow. In terms of makeup she’d be nothing without her trademark siren eye or fox eye.

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Rich Girl, Quiet Luxury and Old Money: What's the difference and how to get the TikTok adored aesthetics according to a celebrity stylist | HELLO! (2024)
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