Rich Girl Aesthetic 2024: How To Get It Easily (2024)

“Which ensembles should one sport to exude the aura of affluence, typically associated with being a rich girl?” Just to give an instance.

But it’s not as easy as you think: no one is short of high-priced designer brands. Instead, it takes your style and fashion sense to look rich too.

Anyone can wear expensive clothes – but looking rich is another thing.

That’s why today we will show you 15 of our favorite rich girl outfits guaranteed to make you look rich with ease – regardless of your budget.

Looking rich is also possible without designer brandssometimes even better because they aren’t as flashy as pieces that are expensive but show it too obviously and are neither elegant nor timelessly chic.

What Is Rich Girl Aesthetic?

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Anyone can wear expensive clothes, but not everyone can look rich.

That’s why the rich girl aesthetic isn’t just about dressing up in expensive designer name brands. It’s more about creating your fashion sense and style to make you appear rich.

Even without super pricey designer brands like Giani Bernini, you can still pull off looking rich and fabulous. Sometimes, affordable pieces do a better job of making you look rich because they’re not too showy or flashy as many expensive pieces are.

So, what is the rich girl aesthetic? This trend is all about being ultra-sexy with masculine undertones in statement vintage pieces like a YSL mini skirt or a classic Chanel jacket. It’s also about having flawless skin and makeup that seems to tie the whole look together.

Rich girl aesthetics is also about having hair that looks ultra-sexy and perfectly tousled but never messy.

These are some of my favorite fashion pieces to help give you an idea of what goes into the making of the rich girl aesthetic:

  • Linen pants
  • Statement designer handbag
  • Pearls
  • Gold jewelry
  • Oversized sunglasses with gold trim
  • A classic co*cktail dress
  • Tweed skirt suit
  • Shearling jacket or coat
  • Classic blazer
  • High heels
  • Camel coat

What Makes a Woman Look Rich?

Looking rich and classy doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. You need to know a few tricks of the trade. Take a look.

1. Self-Care Tips

Forget about expensive jewelry and handbags. Those are no longer signs that a woman is rich. After all, it’s easy to fool anyone into believing you’re rich by showing off what you have, whether real or not.

Luckily, there are plenty of other ways that a woman can look rich, such as:

  • Natural make-up or even none at all
  • Well-groomed hands
  • Fresh scent
  • Eating right and exercising to take care of her figure
  • Shiny, healthy hair

2. Fashion Tips

As for clothes and accessories, any woman can appear wealthy, but the trick is to look gorgeous in them. So, we asked several fashion experts for advice on how to look rich, and here’s what they had to say:

  • Always choose timeless cuts and classic designs over trendy ones
  • Your everyday jewelry should make a statement and not be understated
  • Buy more navy blue clothes rather than black
  • Cashmere is always in style
  • You can never go wrong with neutral colors to create monochromatic outfits
  • For evening wear, choose sheer and sparkly, but keep it elegant and classy

15 Rich Girl Aesthetic Outfits that Make You Look Wealthy

1. Oversized Sunglasses with Gold Trim

Sunglasses protect your eyes from bright sunlight and can cover large parts of your face.

No, you aren’t ugly and shouldn’t cover your beautiful eyes! But it can be a huge benefit when we don’t feel so comfortable in our skin, for example.

Plus, oversized sunglasses are stylish accessories that add sparkle and glamour to your outfit.

Little extra tip: If you wear oversized sunglasses with gold details, go for expensive-looking gold jewelry for the rest of your outfit.

2. Statement Designer Handbag

Designer handbags without a monochrome pattern or too obvious, large logos are, in most cases, beautiful and durable companions for several years.

As elegant bag classics are considered, for example:

The Chanel Flap Bag or the Hermés Birkin and Kelly Bag.

3. Linen Pants

4. High Heels

5. Skintight-Fitted Dress

6. Pearls

7. Gold Jewelry

8. Shearling Coat or Jacket

9. The Color Ibiza Blue

10. The Classic Blazer

11. The All-White Look

12. The Classic co*cktail Dress

13. The Monochrome Look

15. A Tweed Skirt Suit

What Is Rich Girl Skin?

The phenomenon of ‘rich girl skin’ is more than just good genes and a foamy cleanser. While they certainly play a part, much more is happening behind the scenes.

There’s also a whole lot of money that goes into having fresh, glowing faces.

For models and celebrities, looking good is a full-time job. This means regular plucking, waxing, and facials. It also includes weekly manicures, pedicures, monthly Botox, fillers, and other treatments.

What Aesthetic Is Popular Right Now?

Rich Girl Aesthetic 2024: How To Get It Easily (4)

There are numerous fashion aesthetics currently growing in popularity. Some are brand-new and are taking over to cater to a wide range of trendsetters.

On the other hand, quite a few nostalgic trends are also making a comeback. Yet, these are often given a modern twist to meet today’s growing styles.

Here are the 10 most popular aesthetics right now:

  • Barbiecore
  • Coastal Grandma
  • Soft Girl
  • Baddie
  • Cool Girl
  • Plazacore
  • Abercrombie-core
  • 90s Whimsigoth
  • 70s Disco Glam
  • Fairycore

What Is the Cool Girl Aesthetic?

Cool Girl aesthetic has taken social media by storm with its chunky accessories and 90s fashion trends. The essence of this style is effortless, with just a few reliable basics like a pair of mom jeans, white tanks, and a claw clip.

Other cool girl aesthetic outfits include leather jackets, funky printed tees, and cute 90s mini skirts. Pair them with oversized sunglasses and chunky jewelry to add bling to your outfits.

What Does Soft Girl Aesthetic Look Like?

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Soft girl aesthetic is all about embracing your feminine, girly side. It rose to popularity in 2019 via TikTok and is adopted mainly by teenagers.

Of all the different aesthetics, this one is the hardest to pin down to a specific lifestyle because it combines so many influences, from Kawaii and the Bratz dolls to Y2K and anime.

This subculture trend puts a lot of emphasis on cute hair clips and accessories. It also includes pink and pastel shades, bold makeup, and glitter.

The outfits are mainly inspired by Y2K and 90s fashion, and they include unique pieces like mom jeans, chunky sneakers, crop tops, and tennis skirts.

How To Look Wealthy? – 7 Simple Tips

These are 7 simple tips that anyone can follow and look a lot richer and more attractive!

  1. Cashmere is your best friend
  2. Wear more navy blue than black
  3. Invest in a glamorous little black dress(and don’t just wear it to funerals)
  4. Let your everyday jewelry be a big statement
  5. Carry a clutch purse that’s smaller than you think you need
  6. For the evening, go sparkly and sheer, but keep it classy and elegant, not racy or low-cut.
  7. Stick with classic, timeless cuts instead of trendy ones

Takeaway: These tips will help make you look wealthy!

20 Unmistakable Signs of a Rich Girl

Rich Girl Aesthetic 2024: How To Get It Easily (6)

Finding out whether a girl is wealthy isn’t so easy these days.

Because nowadays, you can not only buy a driver’s license or a high school diploma and fake it, but also the status of being “rich”.

In truth, it’s often the other way around: the rich are usually less conspicuous and often very restrained, relying on timeless, minimalist pieces.

Those who are forced to look rich often tend to want to show very obviously what they have:

This can be through (fake) watches or other designer pieces that very obviously show the brand’s logo.

Nevertheless, there are less obvious signs that tell you that a woman is wealthy.

  • Well-groomed hands
  • Manicure and pedicure (not too long nails, well-groomed!)
  • Natural make-up or none at all (NO full-face make-up!!)
  • Shiny, voluminous hair
  • Fresh scent (not too heavy perfume!)
  • Never without a little souvenir when she’s invited
  • Better overdressed than underdressed
  • Decent jewelry (she never overdoes it!)
  • The colors of the outfit match her complexion & hair color
  • Shaved
  • Well-groomed (no bad breath, no smell of sweat!)
  • A valuable watch
  • She takes care of her figure (healthy diet, sports!)
  • She doesn’t drink (much) alcohol
  • Natural tan (no solarium or self-tanner!)
  • She’s friendly & smiles a lot

How to be a rich girl?

Becoming a rich girl often involves education, career success, intelligent financial planning, and investing. Cultivate a wealth mindset, network effectively, and seek multiple income streams.

How to look rich makeup?

To achieve rich-looking makeup, aim for a polished, natural look with flawless skin, neutral tones, and a subtle glow. Invest in good brushes and learn proper application techniques.

How to dress like a rich girl?

Dress like a rich girl by choosing classic, high-quality pieces tailored to fit well. Opt for a neutral palette, minimalist designs, and accessorize with understated elegance. Focus on timeless over trendy.

*Disclosure: We only recommend products we would use ourselves and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that we may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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Rich Girl Aesthetic 2024: How To Get It Easily (2024)
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