Academics: Section 8. Student Support Services: Technology Policies (2024)

Acceptable Use Policy

This Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) shall govern all uses of University Systems, along with the internet and other electronic communications networks, and the content transmitted to, from, or by any such systems or networks.

Violations of this AUP shall be considered violations of the Code of Conduct, as described in this Walden University Student Handbook and amended from time to time, and shall be subject to the sanctions provided for in those policies.

The policy includes the following:

Use of Electronic Communication Networks and the Internet

Electronic communication networks, the internet, and any University Systems are not to be used to cause harm, no matter how minor, to any individual, entity, or facility.

Users are expected to protect Walden’s good name and reputation as detailed in the university’s Code of Conduct.

  • Prohibited Uses
  • Permitted Uses; Personal Use
  • Excessive Use

Prohibited Uses

The following activities are specifically prohibited:

  • Engaging in illegal activities
  • Libeling or slandering any person
  • Cracking passwords and systems
  • Harassing other users
  • Sending harassing, unwelcome, or threatening messages
  • Sending unauthorized anonymous messages
Privacy Violations
  • Invading another person’s privacy
  • Accessing and/or using accounts of others without their permission
  • Disclosing passwords to others
  • Monitoring electronic communications without authorization
  • Reading, copying, altering, or deleting someone else’s files without that person’s permission
  • Copying copyrighted materials without authorization
  • Using illegally obtained software on the system
  • Forging messages
Disrupting or Causing Damage
  • Destroying or damaging equipment, software, or data belonging to others
  • Disrupting service to other users or the system
  • Contributing to system attacks, denial of services, and other malicious uses of the network and systems
Engaging in Commercial Activities
  • Contributing to unwelcome and/or unwarranted commercial pressure
  • Sending bulk unsolicited messages
  • Giving away or selling information about accounts to allow other non-owners to access or use accounts

Permitted Uses; Personal Use

The University Systems are solely intended for use in connection with the academic, administrative, social, and operational activities of Walden University, its affiliates, and university-approved organizations.

Users may make incidental personal use of the University Systems, subject to the policies and limitations contained in this AUP and elsewhere in this Walden University Student Handbook, and provided that such use does not interfere with university operation of information technologies or electronic mail services, burden the university with incremental costs, violate any policy of the university (including without limitation this AUP), or interfere with the user’s employment or other obligations to the university.

Excessive Use

The university further reservesthe right to limit throughput or amount of data transferred,and deny or terminate service to a user, without notice, if the university believes such user is usingthe email or another University System in any manner prohibitedherein or that adversely impacts the university’s network or service levels.Walden University reserves the right to protect its network from harm, which may impact legitimate data flows, by disconnecting users or limiting their access to the network in the event of any violations of these provisions.Walden University also reserves the right totreat excessive use of the University Systems as a material violation of the AUP and the Code of Conduct.

Content Standards

Any information placed on Walden web pages, or uploaded to or transmitted via Walden University’s email service, the online student community (Our Community), or other University System, must be suitable for viewing or distribution to both the Walden community and potentially the rest of the world.

In addition to the content standards contained in this Acceptable Use Policy, users must also comply with academic content requirements contained elsewhere in this Walden University Student Handbook.

  • Copyrighted material may not be posted without the written permission of the copyright holder. All materials found on the web should be assumed copyrighted unless a disclaimer or waiver is expressly stated. Quotations must be properly cited.
  • Licensed or trademarked material may not be placed on the web without prior written consent from the owner.
  • Copyright and trademark violations on the internet are pervasive. It is always better to err on the side of caution. If unsure of the copyright or trademark status of any particular material, it is better to not copy and post that material.
  • Pictures and videos may not be placed on the web without the written permission of the people in the picture or video. Every person has a right to privacy, which includes the right to restrict the use of her or his own image.
  • Activity on the Walden network is permitted for business done on behalf of the university or its organizations. The university’s computing and telecommunications facilities and services are to be used for university purposes only and not for the benefit of private individuals or other organizations.
  • It is not permitted to run a private business using the university’s network.
  • Walden’s name must not be used in ways that suggest or imply the endorsem*nt of other organizations, products, or services.
  • It is not permitted, in any email or other message transmitted via the University Systems, for users to give the impression that they are representing, giving opinions, or otherwise making statements on behalf of Walden or any unit of the university unless expressly authorized to do so. Where appropriate, the following explicit disclaimer shall be included: “The opinions or statements expressed herein are my own and should not be taken as a position, opinion, or endorsem*nt of Walden University.”
  • Fund raising and advertising may be conducted on the university’s network only for the benefit of Walden University.
  • Reselling network IP services over the university’s network to individuals or organizations not affiliated with Walden is strictly prohibited.
  • Linking to other sites in the classroom environment is acceptable with permission from Walden systems operators.
  • University Systems may not be used to transmit any material that is unlawful, libelous, defamatory, slanderous, obscene, p*rnographic, indecent, lewd, harassing, threatening, harmful, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, abusive, inflammatory, or otherwise harmful or offensive to others. Using any University System to harm, or attempt to harm, minors in any way is prohibited. The University Systems may not be used to transmit materials of a threatening nature, including death threats, threats of physical harm, or material that threatens or encourages destruction of property.

Violations of Policies and Resulting Sanctions

Violations of this Acceptable Use Policy may be deemed violations of the university’s Code of Conductand may result in the imposition of any sanctions permitted by the Code of Conductor other provisions of this Walden University Student Handbook, including without limitation, suspension or termination of access to University Systems or dismissal from the university.

Where violations result in suspension or dismissal of a user during the course of an academic term, or result in termination of a user’s access to University Systems required to complete and/or receive a passing grade in one or more classes, user shall have no right to any refund, in whole or in part, of prepaid tuition or other expenditures (such as for textbooks and other course materials).

Students are encouraged to report information concerning instances in which any provision of the Acceptable Use Policy has been or is being violated to their associate dean/executive director, or their associate dean’s designees, or a member of the information technology staff. The university reserves the right to remove and/or lock out any person who abuses any internet or electronic communication network services (including mailing lists, bulletin boards, online databases, electronic mail, and online courses) in violation of this Acceptable Use Policy.

Nothing in this section, or elsewhere in this Walden University Student Handbook, is intended to limit any rights or remedies Walden University may have under applicable law.

Indemnification of the University

Each user agrees, by virtue of access to the University Systems, to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the university for any suits, claims, losses, expenses, or damages, including but not limited to litigation costs and attorney’s fees, arising from or related to any content transmitted by such user, the user’s violation of the AUP or other university policy applicable to the University Systems, or otherwise arising out of the user’s access to or use of the University Systems.

User further acknowledges and agrees that there is no expectation of privacy in any messages or documents transmitted by or stored on any University System, and will hold Walden University and its affiliates harmless for any claimed violation of privacy or confidentiality asserted by any third party with whom the user communicates using the university’s email service or other University System.

Academics: Section 8. Student Support Services: Technology Policies (2024)
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